Claypaky recently announced that, with immediate effect, it will be directly handling the distribution of its products in the UK market.

“The stage lighting market is changing rapidly and we decided that, in an influential market such as the UK, a direct relationship with customers and Lighting Designers that make use of our products has become indispensable”.
Pio Nahum, CEO of Claypaky

The direct contacts with customers will be managed by Emilio Cornelli, a face already known to many, who returns as UK Regional Manager. “Our mission is to ensure that all customers have access to our cutting-edge products”, Cornelli says “and that they enjoy the best return on their investment through competitive purchase options and the highest functionality of their equipment “.

“In the increasingly competitive scenario in which we operate, our totally renewed range of products deserves an un-compromised dedication that only the direct presence can guarantee.” Alberico D’Amato,
Claypaky International Sales Director

As it announced this business decision, Claypaky has extended its thanks to the UK distribution company Ambersphere for the work done in the past years. The collaboration between the two companies will continue as Ambersphere will continue to provide after-sales technical support for all the equipment that it has supplied.