When you’re out on tour and run into a technical issue, time is of the essence. While our service team is ready to help you 24/7 with your urgent technical support issues, sometimes you just want to do a little digging on your own. With that in mind, we’ve opened the new and improved High End Systems Knowledge Management Site (KMS) to get solutions for your specific issues faster.

Available at support.etcconnect.com/hes, the KMS houses over 2,000 support articles created over the years, including hundreds of new articles produced just in the last few months. Whether you need a quick fix or a detailed tutorial, the KMS gives you a database of solutions that you can search on your own time. And, with the ability to capture questions in real-time, High End Tech Services can also get answers out more quickly to help others with similar problems.

The new KMS offers several enhanced features, including:


The search function is incredibly fast—working at the speed of conversation to both improve user experience and allow Tech Services to access and edit information while on the phone with callers. Search results can also be filtered by topic, helping users of the system fine-tune their searches faster.

User feedback

Users can both rate and leave feedback on the posted articles, which helps Tech Services improve on articles if needed. The more feedback received, the better the content and the more responsive the site becomes, so users are encouraged to leave suggestions.

Offline access

All the content in the system is exportable in pdf format, allowing users to save articles offline and access when and where they need them—no WiFi required.

The KMS has a wide array of content available for both High End Systems and ETC products, and we encourage you to please explore and enjoy the new system.