Electrosonic will be hosting ONYX Training, to equip users with all the skills necessary to get the most out of Elation’s new professional control interface. ETECHspoke with Jesse Dullabh, who will be presenting the sessions, about the two-day training course.

Dullabh explains that in mid-2018, Elation brokered a deal with HARMAN to buy the rights to the M-Series platform. “This was a great move, as Elation wanted to aggressively push the brand,” says Dullabh. “Matthias Hinrichs, who was the product developer at Martin, moved to Elation in 2017 and, being that he had spent the last 13 years developing the software and hardware interfaces, he wanted to continue working on the product range.”

Dallabh points out that all M-Series users will benefit from ONYX training, as the introduction of V4 ONYX software allows users to experience a new version of the platform. “If you have attended the M-Series training courses in the past, the platform will not be new, but the new version introduces novel techniques and better ways of using the software. Therefore, those that are using ONYX for the first time and those that are familiar with the M-Series platform all stand to benefit from the training.”

The two-day ONYX training will be held in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town, and will offer attendees an introduction to the ONYX platform on the first day, and then a more in-depth insight into the various applications and functionalities of the product on day two.

“The course will follow a similar structure to previous M-series courses, and will be delivered over two days in each city. The course will unpack basic and intermediate techniques, and every candidate will be connected to a 3D Visualizer, to allow for a unique and personal training experience,” says Dullabh.

“Anyone and everyone is invited to come for the course – whether in the theatrical, rock ‘n roll, education, broadcasting or houses of worship sector – this software platform will be beneficial.”

Jesse Dallabh, Live Events Technical Manager at Electrosonic

For more information and to book your space, please follow the LINK.