Planetaria used to offer astronomers a rare insight into the movement of the stars – and used some pretty unlikely projection techniques to achieve it. 

Nowadays, though, their domes are less likely to be full of academics and more likely to be full-on 4K entertainment centres hosting immersive multi-screen events.

The Maloka Dome’s 20 million pixels are driven by five Christie Mirage 304K projectors generating 150,000 lumens, and that makes any visit an entertaining as well as an academically rewarding trip.

Digital projection has changed the way planetaria such as the Maloka Dome operate – the technology now makes it possible for them to project near real-time imagery of the heavens. Data visualisation means all known objects in the solar system can be explored without leaving your reclining seat.

It’s all part of a continuing story of how academia and entertainment will often share similar techniques to clearly explain and explore complex subjects – using some of the best projection around.

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