The Mosaiek Church, situated in Roodepoort, Johannesburg, recently made significant strides in achieving its ambition to raise its flagship venue, the Mosaiek Teatro, to world-class technical standards. Highly respected audio engineer and current head of technical at the church, Estian Els, spoke with ETECH about the recent upgrades to the lighting fixtures at the venue.

There were a number of factors that Els and his team needed to take into consideration when considering the theatre’s lighting rig.

“As an organisation, we are very committed to being environmentally responsible. The whole venue runs off of solar power – with roof-mounted solar panels feeding a large UPS. As a result, we decided to move our whole lighting rig onto LED fixtures, which are far more energy efficient,” Els explains.

Another consideration was that the theatre needed to be equipped for live events and camera applications simultaneously – especially as services are broadcast on kykNET on a weekly basis. After extensive research and consultation with some of the country’s leading lighting designers and production companies, Els decided to invest in 10 MAC Auras and four MAC Encore Profiles, distributed through Electrosonic SA’s Martin by HARMAN brand.

The MAC Aura is an award-winning light that has become widely recognised by lighting designers across the world for its versatility as a powerful wash beam and wash luminaire. The fixture is the first LED moving head wash light to combine multicolour beam LEDs with a backlight LED array that removes the ‘synthetic look’ which has been much criticised by lighting designers working in film.

The Martin MAC Encore has been specifically designed for applications in theatre and television and therefore fulfils all of Els’s needs. The fixture’s high CRI, TM-30 and R9 values ensure that skin tones, costumes, set pieces and more will render their true colours naturally, while carefully-chosen LED refresh rates ensure flicker-free operation in camera applications.

Reflecting on his decision to install the Martin by HARMAN range, Els states that when the church invested in its first professional lighting fixtures, they elected to purchase five Martin MAC 250s and four Martin MAC 500s. “Over past 15 years, the lighting rig has been extended significantly. However, those very first Martin fixtures remain in the rig and are fully operational, despite their age.”

In addition to his confidence in the brand, Els points to the exceptional customer support that he has received from local Martin by HARMAN distributor Electrosonic as a huge deciding factor. “The support that I have received from Electrosonic – especially Renier Smit – is truly exceptional,” Els states. “Electrosonic has always provided the best possible customer support, and Renier and the team have been extraordinary. If I have a fixture that is broken and I take it in, I will often get it back the very same day. They understand the urgency of what we do, and we simply could not ask for more from a service provider.”