Encounter Christian Church is a 600-seater church based on the second floor of a shopping centre in Centurion, South Africa. While looking for solutions to expand on their current audio system, the church met up with DWR Distribution who recommended Quest and DiGiCo to accommodate the growing ministry and worship team.

Positioned on the second floor of a shopping centre in a residential area, the sound levels needed to be considered carefully.  “We replaced the entire sound system with the Quest range of loudspeakers and amplifiers,” explained Kyle Robson from DWR.  “The existing audio console was upgraded to a DiGiCo S21, and the full install was complete within a day. The system was designed to focus audio coverage on the audience so that the spill out of the building was minimized. Since the new system has been installed there hasn’t been a complaint from the neighbours, and audio quality is incredible.”

Encounter Christian Church have a worship team that is constantly growing, which is one of the main reasons they opted for a DiGiCo S21. “The band now have ample inputs to work with and have future proofed the growth of the church in all aspects,” explained Kyle. “The S21 is simple enough for various volunteers to jump on and operate. If anything goes wrong, they can simply recall a set session. This is great as it gives the sound team a safe place to grow their knowledge.”

Quest loudspeakers worked perfectly for the size of the venue. “The HPI111 is a great box for the audio distribution. Coverage from front to back is excellent.”

An additional two HPI8is were installed as out fills to cover the seating area on the sides of the stage. The voicing of the HPI8i is almost identical to the HPI111, so when walking through the church, it sounds like a single source as you go from left to right. Two HPI212S Subs were flown behind the main PA and time aligned within the system, to keep the floor area clear of equipment.

With a vigorous pastor and vibrant worship team, Encounter Church reaches out to young families in the community. “It’s great to know that as the church grows the entire system is capable of growing with them without needing to replace any of the items installed,” ended Robson.