The Mosaiek Church, situated in Roodepoort, Johannesburg, recently made significant strides in achieving its ambition to raise its flagship venue, the Mosaiek Teatro, to world-class technical standards. Highly respected audio engineer and current head of technical at the church, Estian Els, spoke with ETECH about the recent upgrades to the lighting fixtures at the venue.

In line with the church’s goal of providing a state-of-the-art turnkey solution for clients wishing to hire the Mosaiek Teatro for professional live events and the filming of shows, Els and the team gave a lot of consideration to the lighting control infrastructure available at the venue. The Mosaiek Teatro has been relying on PC-based lighting control for a number of years, and as a result, production companies frequently brought in their own professional lighting consoles to run their shows.  The decision was taken to invest in a lighting console at the theatre that would provide the most versatility and would be rider-compliant.

“We looked very carefully at the pros and cons of staying on PC or upgrading to a state-of-the-art lighting desk, and we decided that if our objective is to provide clients with a turnkey solution for their events, then the grandMA3 is the best that we can offer,” Els points out.

The acquisition has also created a huge sense of interest and excitement among the churches volunteer crew, known as ‘medewerkers’. “A number of youths in the community have

become interested in working with the technical team since the upgrade so that they have the opportunity to gain some experience with world-class technology,” Els shares. “The Mosaiek team have had the privilege of being a part of the MA Lighting E-Learning platform, which is all video-based and super easy to follow. Even as an audio engineer I now have a much clearer understanding of how it works. The E-Learning platform has also provided a unique opportunity to invest in people – which is a large part of the role that we play as the technical team at the church,” he states.

In addition to the online training platform, the technical team at the Mosaiek Teatro will be visiting DWR’s offices in Johannesburg to receive intensive hands-on training with DWR’s MA Lighting product specialist, Jannie de Jager. “We are very excited about the opportunity to learn new skills and empower our medewerkers and interns through this experience. DWR has a solid reputation for outstanding customer service and training, which they have reinforced throughout the acquisition process,” Els concludes.