Norwood Productions, a South African Audio and Lighting rental solutions company, used some of the recently purchased lighting gear from DWR Distribution, to treat the audience attending the MEUTE, a German self-described Techno Marching Band, performance at the Good Luck Bar in Johannesburg.

Norwood Productions is a relatively new company, established in May 2018, the MEUTE show at the Good Luck was roughly a year after its start. “The very first lighting fixtures I purchased for the company were the Robin LEDBeam 100 from DWR,” says Chris Norwood, the founder of Norwood Productions.

The evening had Chris’s first purchase, the Robin LEDBeam 100s along with Vari-lite’s SL-Nitro 510c’s and Clay Paky Axcor 300 Beam’s. Norwood Productions showered the band and audience with colours and effects, creating a magical experience for those in attendance.

Norwood Productions used Prolyte trussing and StageDex to provide the band with a stage. “I wanted the audience to get into it, so I used the Prolyte for stability to make sure I could rig as many lighting fixtures as possible”, he explained.

“I’ve known Chris for a long time, and he only uses what he likes”, says Vincent van Niekerk, a sales representative from DWR Distribution, about the equipment Chris Norwood has bought.

Norwood Productions reached their goal for the audience to have fun and Liam Kloppers, a regular at the Good Luck bar, says, “It was an awesome show and lighting was some of the best I have seen in the venue”.

“The crew did a great job and are the backbone of my business. Between their knowledge and hard work and the technical support of the great products from DWR Distribution, any technical solution can be achieved.”
Chris Norwood, the founder of Norwood Productions