The six-year strong Ventso Group is a 100% black-owned company that consists of a dynamic team of young South Africans who are making their mark in the industry. Puleng Maponyane (26), the director of Ventso Productions, a division of the Ventso Group, recently purchased a DiGiCo S21 and D Rack from DWR Distribution, making him one of the youngest DiGiCo owners in South Africa.

Puleng explains that he discovered his interest in audio engineering when performing as a musician for a church. “I played guitar and drums at church, and I wanted to make sure my instruments sounded good, and that’s how I found myself behind a console,” says Puleng. From that beginning, he worked his way up to freelancing for a living, which is where he first worked on a DiGiCo back in 2015. “Working on the DiGiCo SD9 captivated me,” he said. Today, Puleng is the director of Ventso Productions, an event coordinating and full technical supplier, who believes the DiGiCo S21 and D Rack will fit perfectly into the company’s portfolio.

The DiGiCo S21 console is a favourite amongst the rental market as it is compact, reliable and fully capable, offering a versatility that is integral to a company like Ventso Productions who will utilise it for both indoor and outdoor live productions, corporate events and church occasions. “I had to have a DiGiCo, the console gives you the freedom and offers amazing pre-amps and dope effects,” said Puleng.

The purchase was followed up with one-on-one training presented by Kyle Robson from DWR. “The training not only strengthened my knowledge, but Kyle showed me some advanced options that have really solidified my investment in the console. I have admired Kyle’s work for many years now and having him teach me some of the more specialised actions has been really cool; he really knows his stuff”.

The training session was as inspirational to Kyle. “Puleng’s work ethic and attitude are amazing,” said Kyle Robson. “He is a talented young man and came in, wanting to know more. The S21 is a perfect match for Ventso Productions, and with this kind of passion, we can’t wait to see what the future holds.”