After searching for the ideal LED screen solution, the Unlimited Events Group  invested in a high-performing Absen screen, distributed in South Africa by Johannesburg-based DWR Distribution.

Comprised of six shareholder-based divisions, as Marius van Rooyen, managing partner at Unlimited Events, explains. “The Unlimited Events Group is the largest turnkey events solutions supplier in South Africa. So we can do everything from the furniture in the room, to all the décor items, the technical production, treats and eats, tenting – you name it.” With such a gamut of responsibilities, van Rooyen says they knew that the LED solution they invested in would need to be both versatile and capable of producing high-resolution, narrow-pitch images.

“We were in the market for quite some time, looking at some different options regarding LED. We even did a trip to China and were looking at bringing in the panels ourselves.”

Marius van Rooyen, managing partner at Unlimited Events

However, after more research, van Rooyen discovered the Absen range of LED panels – with its 2.97mm pixel pitch, 1000 nit brightness and relatively light weight (at 8.8kg) – and, he says, the final decision to go this route was influenced by the guarantee of after-sales support from Schalk Botha and the team at DWR Distribution.

“In the end, we decided we’d rather go with a company like DWR who can give us local support. It makes the process so much more seamless.

“So, those two selling-points – the fact that the Absen offered the highest-resolution screen on the market, and the fact that it could be locally repaired – made the decision for us in the end. We figured we would rather pay a little bit more and take advantage of the local support available to us. DWR carries stock, they’re experts in the field, we get hands-on training from them – so we’ve been very happy with our whole Absen experience.”

Marius van Rooyen, managing partner at Unlimited Events

 Van Rooyen comments that the company’s Absen screen has performed wonderfully in all environments – including smaller venues, where sometimes screen legibility can be an issue.

“Ninety percent of our deployments of the screen are corporate events and conferences. It excels in situations where the client is looking for high resolution at close viewing distances. Recently, we did an event for Fiat Chrysler in the Senate Room at Emperor’s Palace – which is a very short room. So the client wanted a widescreen LED, but for everything to be visible to the people on the chairs at the front of the venue – which was no more than four metres from the screen. If we were running on a larger pitch screen, they would have just seen pixels – but in these presentations, they were showing Excel spreadsheets and everything was clear enough for people to read them.”

Vivid, dependable and ideally suited for corporate deployments, Absen products are energy-efficient, best-in-class clarity without compromising on brightness or colour intensity.

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